Eco production

Ecological and responsible production preserves natural strength of our tea components from the moment it is picked, until it is brewed in your cup.

Carpathian Mountains

On the northern slopes of Poloniny Borzhava, where the Gemba Mountain rises, among the steep cliffs and forests Haddled waterfall Shipita. Sometimes only a frenzied roar of water can suggest that there is a flow from a picturesque waterfront. The nearest village to this natural attraction is Pylypets.

It is here, along with one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, on the picturesque slopes of the Ukrainian Carpathians settled generous plantations of a wonderful plant – Cypria (biologist, chamomile narrow-leaved).

Development steps

The process of making delicious Cypriot tea is divided into 6 main stages. In the manufacture of tea, we carefully adhere to the technology at each stage so that you can enjoy really delicious tea!

  1. Сбор чайного листа Mol'far
    Collect tea leaves

    For collection of cyprin sheet in the mountains, small groups of workers go to the mountains not to trample the lawns of the cyprin, with only leaves being collected and the stalk of the plant is not damaged - for constant and long-term harvest during the following years.

  2. Підв’ялення чаю Mol'far

    The collected leaves are laid out on shelves under the roof of a specialized premises - dryers. For several hours, the excess moisture from the sheet evaporates, the leaves become loamy and more elastic and thus better prepared for the next stage.

    Already, at this stage, the first quality control of raw materials for further processing is carried out (only whole and intact leaves are selected).

  3. Ферментация чая Mol'far

    Fermentation is perhaps the most important stage in the production of tea. It is from the result of fermentation that the strength and aroma of the beverage depend.

    The fermentation consists of two stages: air oxidation and frying. Oxidation starts the fermentation process, and the prozharka stops them.

  4. Окисление чая Mol'far

    In order that the leaves begin to oxidize - it is twisted on specialized equipment (leaf roll).

    It is important that this technology allows it not to break down or crush the sheet itself, but merely tears down the membrane bonds between the cells of the leaf, after which leaves leaves the juice and begins the process of fermentation and oxidation.

  5. Прожарка чая Mol'far

    The fact that the process of fermentation is complete is evidenced by the color and fragrant smell of raw materials.

    The oxidized sheet is sent to the fryer - drying in a special room with a constant temperature and humidity to full readiness.

  6. Расфасовка чая Mol'far

    Ready MOL'FAR tea is blended by the author's recipes of our technologists, and packed up in craft package.

    Kraft packing is made of environmental and ethical (quickly decomposed) materials - the minimum amount of paint, does not contain glue, polyethylene or polypropylene.

    It is in this form that MOL'FAR organic tea is packed into your hands!