Eco production

Ecological and responsible production preserves natural strength of our tea components from the moment it is picked, until it is brewed in your cup.

Carpathian Mountains

On the northern slopes of  Borzhava polonyna, where the Gemba Mountain rises, among the steep cliffs and forests hides waterfall Shipit. Sometimes the only thing that gives away its magnificent presence is the roar of falling water. The nearest village to this natural attraction is Pylypets.

It is here, in close proximity to one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, on the picturesque slopes of the Ukrainian Carpathians you can find generous plantations of a wonderful plant – Rosebay willowherb.

Production process

The process of making delicious Rosebay willoherb tea is divided into 6 main stages. During each stage we religiously follow technology guidelines to ensure you can enjoy truly delicious tea.

  1. Сбор чайного листа Mol'far
    Picking the leaves

    We sent small groups of pickers at a time so as not to trample natural plantations of Rosebay willowherb. Only the leaves are collected and the stem of the plant is not damaged, this helps to maintain constant and prolonged harvests for the future years.

  2. Підв’ялення чаю Mol'far

    The leaves are spread out on shelves under the roof of a specialized premises - dryers. After several hours, the excess moisture evaporates, the leaves become withered and more elastic and thus better prepared for the next stage.

    The first quality control is carried out at this stage (only whole and intact leaves are selected).

  3. Ферментация чая Mol'far

    Fermentation is perhaps the most important stage in the production of tea. It is this process that determines the strength and aroma of the beverage.

    Fermentation consists of two stages: air oxidation and roasting. Air starts the fermentation process, and roasting stops it.

  4. Окисление чая Mol'far

    In order for leaves to begin oxidizing they are rolled on specialized equipment - leaf roller.

    Importantly, this technique keeps the leaves intact only breaking the membrane bonds between the cells of the leaf, after which leaves loose the juice and the process of fermentation and oxidation begins.

  5. Прожарка чая Mol'far

    The color and aroma of the leaves indicate that the fermentation process is complete after which they are sent for roasting.

    The process of roasting involves drying in a special room with a constant temperature and humidity until fully prepared.

  6. Расфасовка чая Mol'far

    The finished leaves of MOL'FAR tea are blended in accordance with our signature recipes and packaged into our kraft paper bags and sustainable paper boxes.

    all our packaging is made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials with minimal amount of paint, no glue, polyethylene or polypropylene.

    It is in this form that MOL'FAR organic tea comes to you!